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Written by Scott Ferguson   
Thursday, 29 May 2008 20:22

The officials for the 2008/09 Hyundai A-League and new National Youth League seasons have been announced by Football Federation Australia. The new NYL means the addition of two extra panels to the elite groupings within Australia.

There are now five elite panels controlling these competitions:

HAL Referees Panel
(A-Panel) Referees for A-League fixtures
HAL Fourth Officials & NYL Referees Panel
(B-Panel) Fourth Officials for HAL fixtures or Referees for NYL matches.
Supplementary Panel
New group, generally appointed as Fourth Official for NYL fixtures.
HAL Assistant Referees
NYL Assistant Referees

As usual, referees may receive appointments above/beyond their initial panel ranking depending on performance and the availability of others throughout the year (for example, if no A-Panel Referees are available for an A-League fixture, a member of the B-Panel will be appointed to referee.

HAL Referees Panel

Matthew Breeze (FIFA, AFC Elite) - NSW
Strebre Delovski - NSW
Peter Green (FIFA, AFC Elite) - Qld
Simon Przydacz (FIFA, AFC Elite) - NSW
Peter O'Leary (FIFA) - NZ
Mark Shield (FIFA, AFC Elite) - Qld
Ben Williams (FIFA, AFC Elite) - ACT
Craig Zetter (FIFA, AFC Elite) - SA

HAL Fourth Officials & NYL Referees Panel

Chris Beath - Qld
Kevin Docherty - Vic
Steven Gregory - WA
Kris Griffiths-Jones - NSW (new)
Michael Hester (FIFA) - NZ
James Lewis - NNSW
Regis Queffelec - SA (new)
Stuart Wolfe - NNSW (new)

Supplementary Panel

Kurt Ams - NSW
Alex Azcurra - Vic
David Costello - WA
Jarred Gillett - Qld
Matthew Gillett - NSW
Brett Hookham - NSW
Lucien Laverdure - Vic
Tim McGilchrist - NNSW
Troy Miller - WA
Alan Milliner - Qld
Raffaele Piccolo - SA
Ryan Shepheard - NSW
Stephen Toth - SA
Gary Vandeburgt - ACT

HAL Assistant Referees

Rodney Allen (FIFA, AFC Elite) - NNSW
Hakan Anaz (FIFA, AFC Elite) - Vic
Brent Best (FIFA) - NZ
Luke Brennan - Vic
Paul Cetrangolo - SA
Mathew Cheeseman - WA
Matthew Cream (FIFA, AFC Elite) - SA
Daniel Dewhurst - NSW (new)
Shaun Evans - Vic (new)
Joe Fusari - WA
Alex Glasgow (FIFA) - NSW
Daniel Goodwin - SA (new)
Sarah Ho (FIFA) - NSW
Brad Hobson - Qld
Glen Lochrie - NZ (new)
Michael Nugus (FIFA) - WA
Jason Power (FIFA, AFC Elite) - Qld
Mark Rule - NZ (new)
Denis Silk (FIFA, AFC Elite) - Qld
Aaron Strickland - NNSW (new)
Ben Wilson (FIFA, AFC Elite) - ACT
Murray Wilson - NSW

NYL Assistant Referees

Michael Amloh - NNSW
Gareth Askham - NSW
Nick Backo - NSW
Ashley Beecham - Qld
Lee Corey - SA
Stephen Duckitt - NSW
Kristopher Flynn - Vic
Allyson Flynn (FIFA) - ACT
Trent Fleskens - WA
Kirralee Gardener - NNSW
Brenton Hayward - Vic
Stephen Lucas - NSW
Nathan MacDonald - Qld
Nathan Magill - NNSW
Joshua Manella - WA
Tim Mihevc - WA
Joshua Mihevc - WA
Mark Mitchell - NSW
Elvis Mustafic - SA
James Nicolopoulos - Vic
Noah Reynolds - Qld
Evgeny Vizelman - Vic
David Walsh - Qld
Brett Woodford - ACT
Curtis Wordsworth - SA
Adam Weir - NSW

The National Youth League will start in late September.

Congratulations to everyone selected for the upcoming season!

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