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Wednesday, 19 December 2007 23:00

Australian referees have rounded out a fantastic calendar year with 25 match officials obtaining their FIFA refereeing credentials for 2008 Men's, Women's and Futsal internationals, whilst 19 match officials have been selected as part of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Elite refereeing panel for 2008.

Brisbane Physiotherapist Sara Hodson is a new recipient of the FIFA Referee badge (Women) whilst Wollongong school teacher Alex Glasgow is a new recipient of the FIFA Assistant Referee badge (Men).

In addition Mark Shield & Matthew Breeze, along with New Zealand-based Hyundai A-League referees Mike Hester and Peter O'Leary, have been selected to attend the FIFA Referees Seminar in Las Palmas, Spain as part of the first stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup match official selection process.

2007 has been a year of great achievement for Australian match officials.

Tammy Ogston, Asian Women's Referee of the Year

Tammy Ogston refereed the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup Final and was named the AFC Women's Referee of the Year.

Mark Shield was also named the AFC Referee of the Year and also refereed the final of the 2007 AFC Asian Cup between Iraq and Saudi Arabia in Jakarta, Indonesia. He also refereed at the 2007 FIFA Club World Cup in Japan. In February, Mark was named the Zurich Referee of the Year for the second time running as the top referee in the Hyundai A-League.

Matthew Breeze was also appointed to the AFC Asian Cup 2007 which included him refereeing the semi-final between Japan and Saudi Arabia in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Assistant Referees Sarah Ho & Airlie Keen were appointed to the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup, whilst Nathan Gibson and Ben Wilson attended the FIFA Club World Cup as Assistant Referees.

With 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification, AFC Asian Women's Cup, the Beijing Olympic Games and the AFC Champions League all scheduled for next year, it won't just be our players that will be involved in international football action.

2008 FIFA Referees
Referee: Matthew Breeze (NSW), Peter Green (QLD), Simon Pryzdacz (NSW), Mark Shield (QLD), Ben Williams (ACT), Craig Zetter (SA)
Assistant Referee: Rodney Allen (NSW), Hakan Anaz (VIC), Matthew Cream (SA), Nathan Gibson (NSW), Alex Glasgow (NSW), Michael Nugus (WA), Jason Power (QLD), Denis Silk (QLD), Ben Wilson (NSW)
Futsal Referee: Chris Colley (ACT), Scott Kidson (NSW)
Women Referee: Sara Hodson (QLD), Jacqui Melksham (QLD), Tammy Ogston (QLD), Krsytyna Szokolai (QLD)
Women Assistant Referee: Allyson Flynn (ACT), Sarah Ho (NSW), Airlie Keen (SA), Jacqueline Leleu (QLD)

2010 FIFA World Cup - Referee Seminar
Referee: Matthew Breeze (AUS), Mark Shield (AUS), Michael Hester (NZ), Peter O'Leary (NZ)
*All four (4) referees currently referee in the Hyundai A-League

2008 AFC Elite Refereeing Panel
Referee: Matthew Breeze, Peter Green, Mark Shield, Ben Williams
Assistant Referee: Rodney Allen, Hakan Anaz (VIC), Matthew Cream, Jason Power, Denis Silk, Ben Wilson
Futsal Referee: Chris Colley, Scott Kidson (NSW)
Women Referee: Jacqui Melksham, Tammy Ogston, Krsytyna Szokolai
Women Assistant Referee: Allyson Flynn, Sarah Ho, Airlie Keen, Jacqueline Leleu

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