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Written by Jeff Winter   
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 23:00

So the Special One has finally gone and is currently negotiating a multi million pound payoff from his ex-employers to soften the blow.

Don't get me wrong; if he had been manager of my club and had won two Premierships and a handful of cups in three years, I would be gutted to lose him.

The media have lost a good soundbite man as well. He was always controversial and good for a sensational quote or two.

I personally though am glad to see the back of him and I think many referees would agree with that. We all know refs are there as an easy scapegoat for managers when things don't go well but this guy took ref baiting to a new level.

Fergie and Wenger have had their moments with their mind games but the Special One took it to new depths.

Referees have been criticized for lack of ability, getting big decisions wrong, not understanding the game and a million and one other things, but never has their integrity been questioned.

Mourinho in the three plus seasons he was at the Bridge played that line over and over again. I recall a Carling Cup tie at the Bridge when he accused Neale Barry of bias towards Manchester United. In actual fact the ref had given more decisions in the game against Manchester United than against Chelsea.

The same season he castigated Rob Styles (ironically) for not giving Chelsea a penalty for a foul on Droghba, suggesting again that the refs favoured Manchester United.

We saw the much publicized spats with Barcelona and more ref accusations which led to a top official quitting the game after personal remarks and suggestions about him led to problems for his family.

I could go on and on. Players like Droghba and Robben dived their way around the country yet the manager castigated players like Messi who he claimed cheated against Chelsea.

I noticed a change in the likes of John Terry, Frank Lampard and Joe Cole, all excellent pros and good players to referee. They now led the charge in harassing officials and querying every decision.

He brought bad sportsmanship into the Premiership to a level we had not previously witnessed and now it has become the norm.

So Jose, it was eventful, but now the eggs have finally cracked, the yoke is on you.

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