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Monday, 13 August 2012 15:11

Football Federation Australia has announced a new initiative in the selection and preparation of the match officials for its elite competitions, the Hyundai A-league and Westfield W-league, called the Possibles and Probables Candidates program.

The aim of this program, which is part of a wider restructure of referees in Australia, is to ensure the Hyundai A-league and Westfield W-league official panel is chosen from the best available talent in the country and that they are adequately prepared for the coming season./

“The Hyundai A-league and Westfield W-League are Australia’s flagship competitions and demand dedication, commitment and professionalism from its match officials,” FFA Director of Referees Mark Shield said.

“We have been working to ensure referees skills are in line with the games professional development in this country.

“This process started a full six months before the season’s kick off to ensure that our referees are given the best opportunity to perform at their optimum when the season commences.

“The initiation of the Possibles and Probables Candidates program means we can now search across the country, through all the state and premier leagues, to find the best possible referees and assist in their training and professional development.”

The FFA Referee Department has been monitoring the performance of the candidates in various state leagues, coupling their performances from last season in various leagues to select the list of referees and assistant referees for the Hyundai A-league and Westfield W-league.

The selected panels will now enter the second phase of the program with a nine week fitness preparation program to ensure that all panel members reach an optimal fitness level in readiness for Round 1.

“We are excited by this new initiative as it is a program designed to continually raise the performances of the match officials,” FFA CEO Ben Buckley said.

“Refereeing plays an incredibly important part in the development of the Hyundai A-league and Westfield W-League competitions as well as creating another elite professional pathway for all aspiring young referees.”

As part of the pre-season preparation the FFA Referees Department will visit with each Club’s coaching staff, players and administrators to ensure there is a clear and open line of communication between the players, coaches and match officials for the coming season.

The Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League Referee Panels for 2012/13 are available here.

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