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Why should I become a referee?
If you love football, what better way to be involved than by having the best seat in the house - in the middle of the field?

Referees start out for a number of reasons - it may be that you're in your teens and looking for a part-time job. If so, refereeing generally pays at least as well as a casual job in retail or fast food, and you get to run around in the sun engaging in sport rather than stand over a deep-fryer.

Alternatively you may have a child who is playing and want to help out with referee numbers - virtually every region is short of officials. Lastly there are those who enjoy the challenge and want to be involved in football, to see how far they can make it! As an Australian referee, you could find yourself on the A-League, flying to places like India and Malaysia for the Asian Football Confederation, or anywhere else in the world doing games for FIFA such as the World Cup!

How old do I have to be?
In most areas the minimum age is 13 or 14 - this is at the discretion of your state. Some areas have special refereeing programs for small children's football, that may let you start out even younger as a referee.

How do I become a football referee?
The pathway to becoming a referee is essentially the same around Australia. You start by contacting your local or state referees organisation, who will let you know when they're running their next Level 4 Referees course (also known as an Entrance Course).

This course will usually be run over two days and covers the Laws of Football. You will spend some time covering practical competencies like field positioning and signals, as well as completing a short examination on the Laws. Upon passing you will be certified as a Level 4 Referee.

More detail on the levels of certification can be found in the Australian Officiating Development Schedule, which is accredited by the Australian Sports Commission.

Start by finding your local or state referees organisation on the > Contacts < page.

How do I become a futsal referee?
Becoming a futsal referee is essentially the same as football, but it has its own course covering the laws of futsal. If you are already a football referee, your area may run a special shorter course allowing you to quickly cover the differences between the two sports. Please check the > Contacts < page and contact your regional or state association.